Published April 1, 2024

Is a Legit Email?

Email addresses can be spoofed. Even if an email appears to come from your bank, it could still be a scam or phishing attempt.

If you've received a suspicious-looking email from an address similar to [email protected], there are few things you need to know. is a legitimate subdomain belonging to Bank of America, and [email protected] is a legitimate email address used by Bank of America to deliver various types of notifications. However, just because the sender email address appears to be valid does not mean that the email actually came from Bank of America.

Email addresses can be spoofed by scammers looking to trick you into providing sensitive information. A good rule of thumb is to never click on any links contained within an email that appears to be from Bank of America. Instead, you can navigate to Bank of America's website directly by typing into your browser, log into your account, and investigate the issue raised in the email.

Here are a few signs that an email from a Bank of America address could be fraudulent:

  1. The email doesn't include your name and features odd grammar.
  2. The email asks you to do something urgently.
  3. The email includes incorrect information about your accounts.

Even if an email looks genuine, it's a good policy to not trust it. If you suspect that a Bank of America email is fraudulent, you can report it directly to Bank of America by forwarding it to [email protected]. You can also call Bank of America's customer support line to report a fraudulent email or inquire about an email you've received.

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