Updated April 1, 2024

Is capitalone@notification.capitalone.com a Legit Email?

Email addresses can be spoofed. Even if an email appears to come from your bank, it could still be a scam or phishing attempt.

The email address [email protected] is a legitimate email address used by Capital One to send various types of alerts and notifications. If Capital One sends you statements or purchase alerts via email, for example, those emails will be coming from this email address.

While the email address is legitimate, that doesn't guarantee that the email itself should be trusted. Email addresses can be spoofed. It's possible that a normal looking email from this Capital One email address is actually a scam or phishing attempt. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself:

  1. Don't click on any links within the email. Instead, go to capitalone.com directly in your browser by typing in the address.
  2. Capital One provides a way to report suspicious emails. If you think an email you've received from Capital One isn't legitimate, you can forward it to [email protected].

It's a good idea to distrust any email requesting personal information. Never follow a link in an email and enter your bank password, social security number, or any other sensitive piece of information. You can always call Capital One's customer service line if you suspect something is amiss.

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