Published March 28, 2024

Does Capital One Offer Visa, Mastercard, or Both?

Capital One offers credit cards that use both Visa and Mastercard. The bank has an extensive list of credit card products available for borrowers with different credit scores. Some of Capital One's credit cards require annual fees, although many do not.

Capital One offers a total of 33 different credit cards targeting consumers, businesses, and students. Here are a few examples:

There are two major developments that could change things for Capital One cardholders. First, Visa and Mastercard recently reached a settlement with merchants that opens the door for retailers to charge customers fees based on the type of credit card they use. Capital One's Venture X card, for example, is a Visa Infinite card that carries higher swipe fees for merchants. If you have a premium credit card through Capital One, you may soon see extra fees tacked on at the register.

Second, Capital One is in the process of acquiring Discover. Discover is both a bank and a payment network, with its Discover cards an alternative to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If the deal goes through, it's possible that Capital One will shift toward issuing Discover cards and dial back use of Visa and Mastercard.

You'll need to read the fine print when applying for a Capital One credit card to know for sure which payment network it uses. With Capital One offering both Visa and Mastercard credit cards, the bank has something for everyone.

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